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Turnbull Totems

After Port McNeill, both Perfect Pitch and Buttercup headed west to the Mainland side of the Broughton…destination Turnbull Cove.

It was time to anchor out again, our first since Desolation Sound. Turnbull Cove is a small bay at the north end of Grappler Sound.

The clouds largely disappeared, and the afternoon warmed quickly. The tenders were launched. Captain Eric jigged for two rock fish to be used for crab bait and then the crab traps were dropped. Most importantly, the drone was launched! Even with it's slightly injured propellers it managed to soar 1000 feet above us and captured some great photos of the vistas below. It also managed to fly at a very low level and creeped the occupants of Buttercup.

At the end of the 19th century the area was extensivley logged. Remaining evidence of this is a massive winch called a steam donkey which we found at the foot of a trail head to Lake Huaskin. Eric professed to have treked up to the lake for a skinny dip but we have no photographic evidence.

Our evening there was nothing short of idyllic. A group feast was organized on the upper deck of Perfect Pitch.

We were awestruck by the shoreline kaleidoscope where the reflections create horizontal totem poles. Here is the same one we have erected vertically. Check out the faces!

More tomorrow....

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The horizontal Totem is amazing! It feels like National Geographic (minus the topless women.)



Wow love the 'totem' shots!! Who is taking the pics.... you? Sue?



Sensational pictures. Quite the adventure. Fun narrative, Look forward to your daily updates!!!



Quality photography. Drone pilot should include a drone selfie. Standard drone pilot protocol.

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