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Perplexing Pender

Pender Harbour was our next destination. It has a familiar smell for some of the crew on Perfect Pitch since it is in the hood of Sakinaw Lake.

The seas were nothing short of perfect for the 55nm run south. Almost cloudless in very light winds, Perfect Pitch was a dream to navigate past Hernando and Savary then Nelson Islands and finally into Pender Harbour.

Pender is fascinating and a densely populated area. For those interested, see the link below for an interesting summary of the area:

What turned out to be our warmest evening of our trip, we were able to dine out by getting takeout fish tacos at John Henry’s and feasting on top of Perfect Pitch. We also had two visitors join us who have been isolating at Sakinaw Lake. We belatedly celebrated Patrick's birthday with Megan by splurging on Jello shooters. Neither the fish tacos nor the Jello shooters were anything to write home about but the visit was great.

The morning included a “Tender Tour” of Pender with Captain Wiel and his First and Second Mates. The breathless, cloudless and warm morning was ideal. The Third Mate was relegated to staying behind and swabbing the decks as usual.

Today, Pender Harbour is very developed with a spectrum of homes and boats. Ranging from “fixer-uppers” to mansions, both in terms of houses and boats. It continues to be a home to some commercial fishers but largely it is dominated by seasonal homes.

As with most places we have visited, there seems to be unique people on the coast. Is it the ocean air or living by the sea or imbibing?

We have been remiss by not discussing our evening activities. Each evening, after our gourmet meal we would deal the cards. We either played Bridge or Euchre. The boys vs girls for Euchre. Those with the same last name for Bridge.

It is safe to say that the boys dominated in Euchre. This, according to our Captain, is because the men were smarter. As he explained "It's called mensa, not womensa". You can all well imagine the warm reception that comment received!

As for the Bridge, this was a renewal of a game we used to play together much more frequently and it was really fun to get back at it. The results, with lots of table talk, it is safe to say, First Mate Sue seemed to have a heavier share of the good cards. As Bridge players know, bridge is all about luck, right?

Boy, are we ever lucky!

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Jun 19, 2020

I love the Mensa notion on gender. I am going to use it in my next Euchre game where my opponent is my lovely. I’ll say that Steve said...... I’m also going to forward that to Jordan Peterson for his view. He can articulate things that i never imagined.

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