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Lagoon Cove, The Broughtons

Our journey continues today, three hour cruise to the Broughtons, first stop Lagoon Cove. We are hopeful that we will finally meet up with Buttercup coming up from Campbell River. Blind Lagoon Cove is only 45 nautical miles, so we took our time and enjoyed the scenery. One of our regular followers, who shall remain anonomous, suggested we "should poke our nose into Beaver Inlet" which the Captain thought was a good idea! Regrettably, beaver inlet was Covid closed at this time of year.

The waters were as smooth as a baby's bum. How smooth is that? All crew members are new grandparents so we actually know what we are talking about!!

The video below is a good illustration of boat travel in the Pacific ocean, in our dreams...

With beautifully calm waters on Johnstone Strait, we increased our speed to 25 knots, and it was not long before we reached our next luxurious marina. Lagoon Cove marina was acquired three years ago by Dan and Kelley and it is a jewel that is a labour of love.

After a short explore of the area, no doubt attracted by the shirtless muscular fisherman, our Dollies were back on the dock greeting the fishing boat. It took only a few moments for the girls to negotiate 2 1/2 pounds of spot prawns, professionally cleaned. Since the dinner menu was already set, the very fresh catch become an excellent well spent. How fortuitous Lagoon Cove is well known for their Lagoon Cove prawn sauce.

Introducing Buttercup!!

Captain Eric and his first mate came around the corner to find us, predictably, just in time for happy hour. Buttercup is the Young's beautiful new ride that can be best described as Skookum, as they say in these parts. Undoubtedly, there will me lots of photos and discussion in the days ahead but here are a few shots for those waiting to see it...

Buttercup is clearly a beefy, fast, luxurious fishing machine, built to pound through big waters if necessary. Awesome!

Dinners are always a highlight for the captain and crew in the very well equipped galley on Perfect Pitch. After gorging on the fresh prawns with cocktails, it was time for the main event. Tonight we managed to choke down steak with chimicurri sauce, caramelized onions, oven roasted broccoli and grilled lemon. Clearly, it is tough out here!

Any one who has travelled knows that meeting like-minded people that you immediately bond with is one of the highlights of such journeys. Sometimes, a language barrier exists but there is always a way of communication. The video below is yet another example of this kind of international language. It is the language of love.


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Brad Flock

Say Hello to Eric and Lorraine.....and everybody else. Looks and sounds extraordinary. Those guys are really into their corkscrews!



Hello Pitch Perfect. My Name is Frank Button. My wife Judy and I are in Gorge Harbour this morning. Here to take advantage of fast internet sevice for a Zoom meeting of old skiing friends from Saint Sauveur. Steve's sister Jeniffer sent us your Blog this morning. We are on our way to Blind channel today and will stop in Port McNeill probably Wednesday to get a repair done on our boat. From there probably heading North of Cape Caution without a real end goal.

Hope we can run into you to say hello in person.



That Buttercup is so skookum right now, what a vessel! Wish I was having prawns with you guys!



Fellow Coastal Craft enthusiast here, stumbled across your blog over my morning hot chocolate. I’m currently running the 33’ Express and am looking to improve my nautical cooking game. Wondering if you could post the recipe for your chicken marbella and chimichurri sauce? Any other tidal favorites? Tired of boiled hot dogs, but not really into salads either. Wife loved the photos and wondered if you’d like to meet up for a husband swap? Thanks in advance, CCK.

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