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Day 16, 17 & 18 - Sibling Fishing Day and Arrival in Alaska!

Day 16 - Wiel departed and Sue arrived and we had an amazing Sushi dinner at a restaurant called OPA (how ethnic food ironic), with Eric and Lorraine and then had an amazing, laughter-filled, sibling re-union glass of scotch to christen the next leg of our adventure.

Day 17 - Sue's fishing day gift to FMD was unbelievable. Not a perfect weather day, but we set out with our guides Darren and Sean, set our crab traps along the way, and journeyed about 45 minutes west from Prince Rupert to a narrow, uninhabited island. Uninhabited by humans - but fertile with salmon. About 5 minutes in, Sue landed a gorgeous, white fleshed salmon (biggest of the day, Mrs. Big Fish). FMD scored a beauty shortly after and we were off and running for a great day of fishing. The "one that got away" story is a pretty good one, too - just ask us.

How good is this? Thanks so much, Sue!

Bonus Eagle pic - sitting on light near our moorage in Prince Rupert.

Day 18 - Our triumphant Captain returned and we were off to Alaska, to get the jump on the leg to go pick up Samara in Ketchikan, before the weather and seas turned for the worse tomorrow. Getting across Dixon entrance is another big deal and we had a pretty smooth ride, crossed the imaginary border to the USA, at sea, and settled in at an anchorage called Foggy Cove.

We picked up an hour, crossing into Alaska (who knew), navigated through a narrow passage and settled in for an amazing fresh salmon BBQ grill on the boat, with Sue upping the menu ante with dill and tahina pancakes and sauce. A whole new culinary world on Perfect Pitch. As for the first swim in Alaska water for FMD, the anchor was set and the board-shorts were in hand, when one, and then hundreds more, of these babies floated by the boat, and rather than get stung, several hours from a hospital, we decided that the first Alaska swim could wait until tomorrow - stay tuned. We're excited to pick up Samara tomorrow in Ketchikan.

We estimated the tentacles on this Fried Egg Jellyfish to be 8 - 10 feet long.

A rainbow over our anchorage tonight is no doubt a sign of great things to come on our journey through Alaska.

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