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  • Perfect Pitch Adventurers 2023

But wait....there's more!!!!

We were, of course, disappointed to say goodbye to Buttercup, who is continuing on its journey. It would be nice to have continued too, but Captain Wiel is the star keyboard player in the world famous rock band, Never Too Late, and needed to get back for his gig....

Tonight - 7 pm - at the legendary Salt Spring Island Legion!

However, it seems that Buttercups plans have evolved from a planned quick oil change in Port McNeill to something more.

Buttercup is now resting on the "hard" as it waits for a faulty part to be replaced that needs to come from the US that hopefully will arrive soon. (For those that must know - a new alternator) Captain Eric and his first mate, luckily, have discoverd some of the highlights in the Port McNeill area.

Like lovely Telegraph Cove....

They also had time to try some alternative yoga.....

For those that know Sanskrit this pose is called - "Parivrtta Burl Tadasana"

And this well known pose is called "Adho Mukha Mota Fixa Svanasana"

Regrettably, we do not have photos of the new poses practiced in their new temporary residence

Who doesn't love boatin' eh?

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